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Mario Lopez Reveals One-Night Stand With Major Pop Star Several Years Ago In New Book: Ellen DeGeneres Tries To Guess Mystery Celeb On Talk Show

By Ashley Griggs | October 02, 2014 10:09 PM EDT

Mario Lopez gets really personal in his new book.

The 40-year-old television star recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss his upcoming memoir "Just Between Us," and the "Ellen Show" host definitely had one topic on her mind: Mario's love life.

As DeGeneres's interview of Lopez veered into the intimate details of "Just Between Us," the NBC host couldn't help but ask about a one-night stand that the author admits to in the memoir.

"Let's say what year was this around?" probed DeGeneres.

"Oh gosh," replied Lopez, squirming in his seat. "Uh, it was, I'll try not to give too much away... It was maybe six, seven years ago. Eight years ago."

"Okay. Who was performing in Vegas six or seven years ago?" continued DeGeneres, referring to the location of the one-night stand.

"Oh, no. I didn't say she was performing in Vegas," Lopez corrected. "The event occurred in Vegas."

The comedienne host then asked Lopez, who has also made a career as a host for several entertainment shows, if he and the woman in question were still friends.

"Yeah. We're friendly," he said, after a slight hesitation.

When asked if he had since interviewed the celeb, Lopez quickly responded, "Oh my god. I can't. I can't. You know what, my wife, who is the most important as far as her opinion, to get her blessing, is totally cool. She knows everything. But out of respect for her and out of respect for this person, you know, I'm a gentleman. I don't like to drop names. So I don't want to go there."

Ellen proceeded to tease Lopez that he should take his shirt off, which was met with wild applause from the audience.

In a last ditch effort to uncover the mystery woman's name, Ellen through out a couple of guesses: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, and Madonna.

Lopez simply replied "Barbara Streisand."

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