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K-Pop Birthday Calendar: Which Korean Celebrities Celebrate In October?

By James B | October 04, 2014 01:46 PM EDT

October is here and there are some K-Pop stars who will celebrate their birthdays this month.

Do you have the same birthday as any of your favorite K-Pop stars? Check out our calendar below and find out!

October 3rd:

October 3, 1987: Nine Muses' Sera

October 4th:

October 4, 1988: Wonder Girls' Yubin

October 4, 1994: BtoB's Ilhoon

October 5th:

October 5, 1987: T-ara's Soyeon

October 5, 1992: WASSUP's Nari

October 5, 1993: TEEN TOP's Chunji

October 6th:

October 6, 1990: SECRET's Sunhwa

October 7th:

October 7, 1989: MBLAQ's Thunder

October 7, 1991: EXO's Lay

October 7, 1991: Nicole (Former member KARA member)

October 7, 1993: 100%'s Changbum

October 9th:

October 9, 1997: Tiny-G's Myeongji

October 10th:

October 10, 1989: She'z's Jina

October 10, 1994: Miss A's Suzy

October 11th:

October 11, 1989: Super Junior's Henry

October 11, 1993: EvoL's Hayana

October 11, 1993: Skarf's Tasha

October 12th:

October 12, 1990: Two X's Minjoo

October 13th:

October 13, 1989: SECRET's Hyosung

October 13, 1995: Bangtan Boys' Jimin

October 15th:

October 15, 1987: Brave Girls' Eunyoung

October 15, 1990: 4Minute's Jiyoon

October 15, 1994: A-JAX's Seungjin

October 15, 1996: B.A.P's Zelo

October 16th:

October 16, 1987: MBLAQ's Seungho

October 17th:

October 17, 1989: Jihae (Former Girl’s Day Member)

October 18th:

October 18, 1991: Rania's Di

October 18, 1991: Topp Dogg's P-goon

October 22nd:

October 22, 1989: FIESTAR's Linzy

October 23rd:

October 23, 1989: D-Unit's Ujin

October 23, 1991: Cross Gene's Shin

October 23, 1994: A-JAX's Seungyub

October 24th:

October 24, 1994: f(x)'s Krystal

October 27th:

October 27, 1990: F.CUZ's Daegun

October 31st:

October 31, 1992: Topp Dogg's Hojoon

October 31, 1995: WASSUP's Jiae

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