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Nam Jihyun, Getting Prettier 'What Did She Eat to Become So Pretty?'

August 06, 2012 09:12 PM EDT

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    nam / Credit: asfd

    4minute's Nam Jihyun revealed her increasing beauty.

    In recent online community, many pictures of Nam Jihyun was posted under '4minute Nam Jihyun's increasing beauty, I thought she was a doll'.

    In the post, the recent pictures that Nam Jihyun posted on her twitter were revealed.

    In the pictures, Nam Jihyun is showing different facial expressions and makeup, showing a mature look. Her alluring eyes especially made her look like a doll.

    The internet user who posted this said "She's turning more and more into a doll. I couldn't recognize her at first. She's pretty but a bit scary.... She's not human."

    Internet users who saw this commented, "She really is getting prettier these days", "She matured a lot", "I think 4minute in general got much prettier", "She even has a nice body", etc.

    Photo Credits: Online Community

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