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Psy's 'Gangnam Style', How It Took Over the World?

By Staff Writer | August 07, 2012 10:07 AM EDT

Psy 'Gangnam Style' is Taking Over the World!
Psy 'Gangnam Style' is Taking Over the World! (Photo : d)

Rapper Psy's new song, "Gangnam Style" has spread out overseas, causing a global phenomenon. His mixture of electronic sounds with humor and dance has captured the hearts of people everywhere.

His song, "Gangnam Style" ranked number 1 for 4 weeks in a row and was loved by people of all ages.

His song has gained much attention overseas. The music video has hit over 10 million views on YouTube as well. Comments such as, "I don't usually like K-Pop but this song is addicting" were seen in the comments section of the video. Hip-hop musician T-Pain and British singer Robbie WIlliams both mentioned Psy on their twitters and blogs. This song also ranked number 1 on the iTunes chart in the U.S., Finland, New Zealand, Denmark and other countries.

On August 2, U.S. news channel CNN aired the music video on live television, proving Psy's unexpected popularity in the U.S. Many other U.S. media sites also talked about Psy and his new addictive song as well.

Music critics are saying that due to the addictive hook of the chorus, "Oppan Gangnam style," makes this song fun to listen to. This 'Grade B' humor is also another reason for its popularity. In the music video, Psy is seen in various locations from a tour bus to a sauna, making viewers laugh at this odd spectacle. Another music critic commented, "The addictive melody and the humorous scenes strangely match each other."

In Korea, the reasoning for this song's popularity is a bit different from the reaction overseas. In Korea, the city of Gangnam is known to be a hot spot for the nightlife and young people. People in Korea find it funny to see Psy, someone who does not look like the 'usuals' you would see in the city of Gangnam, dancing around various places while singing that he is 'gangnam style'.

Overseas, this song is a shock to the fans because it breaks the usual image of K-Pop idols. Another music critic commented, "It seems that the fans overseas like this song because it is different from the norm."

This song has created an explosion of parodies online with new remixes such as "Hongdae Style" and "Dorm Style." Many have also followed the addictive 'horse' dance move as well.

Psy's agency has seen his potential to promote his album overseas. He wishes to go to the U.S. and show them his dance moves. Psy will be promoting his album in Japan this fall.

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