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SISTAR Hyorin Reveals a Fan Letter on Back of Receipt

August 08, 2012 09:52 AM EDT

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Girl group SISTAR member Hyorin received a fan letter on the back of her receipt.

Today on her twitter, she posted, "I'm touched...thank you so much!" along with a picture.

In the picture, the back of the receipt was revealed. The words, "I am your fan. I will always support you!" was written on the receipt. 

The busy employee had somehow found the time to quickly write on the back of Hyorin's receipt and Hyorin surprisingly did not throw away her receipt.

Internet users commented, "I'm glad she didn't throw the receipt away" and "I want to receive a message like that too."

SISTAR is currently performing their new song, "Loving U."

Photo Credit: Hyorin's Twitter

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