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"A Gentleman's Dignity" 4 Actors Get Into School Uniforms Once Again

August 10, 2012 03:16 AM EDT

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The 4 actors of "A Gentleman's Dignity" are back in high school uniform. 

On Sunday's series finale, the four men will get back into uniform to show a funny scene about their high school days. The studious Kim Min Jong will be confronted by a Behavior Team member Lee Jong Hyuk. Over in the next classroom, Kim Soo Ro, who kicks in the door to his entrance is greeted by Jang Dong Gun. The four of them meet outside and after a short quarrel, and the four men lie on the grass outside. 

This is the second parody of the movie, "Friends" since the 4th episode prologue. Audiences are waiting impatiently for the reasons they are doing this scene.

The scene was filmed at a high school in Ilsan in a blistering heat of 35 degrees celsius. Kim Min Jong, who wanted to keep the image of a studios goodie goodie, put on another thick blazer just to stick to the image. He was covered in sweat by the end of the shoot but kept on going, to the awe of the cast and crew. 

The four actors, who are very good friends both on and off the set, got right down to business when the cameras rolled and showed off flawless teamwork and explosive ad-libs. Kim Soo Ro's sense of humor started everyone on the ad-lib and even Kim Min Jong was able to pull off unexpected amounts of funny improvisation, sending the cast and crew laughing hard. 

The cast also prepared surprise gifts for the staff and other actors, creating a good work environment. Food trucks came and provided good energy for the hard working staff. 

The production company, Hwa&Dam Pictures commented "The four actors look like they're practically family now. Because it was 20 whole episodes, they were able to get close with the other actors and the crew, allowing for better teamwork and a more comfortable environment where they feel free to improvise and experiment."

Only 2 more episodes are left until the series ends. 

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