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Two Gaewol's Kim Ye Lim Confesses "I like tall guys"

By Lee He Mi | December 10, 2011 02:45 AM EST

Two Gaewol's Kim Ye Lim and Do Dae Yoon strongly deny the love rumor that began in the beginning of 'Super Star K 3'

On December 9th,Mnet 'Super Star K3' hosted by Clazziquai's Ho Ran, introducing the best 11 concerts at year's end, showed sympathy for Two Gaewol. She explained that she understands the hardship of a coed team and asked "Alex has been right next to me ever since we debut in 2004. Isn't it hard?"

Kim Ye Lim answered "Many people asked if we are dating" sharing the hardship. Do Dae Yoon also coment "When asked, we deny"

To the question "Please tell us your type. Who do you like?" Do Dae Yoon answered "The first is short height. I like cute and short girls" He brought somewhat opposite to Kim Ye Lim. He added there is too much height difference standing next to Kim Ye Lim. Ho Ran added "Just like my team"

What would Kim Ye Lim's ideal type like? She answer "I like someone taller than me who is also caring" This is also opposite to Do Dae Yoon. Short Lee Jung muttered "Height doesn't mean alot. What's the use?" caused a big laugh.


04.17.18 | 10:02PM EDT

Jimin Won Three Consecutive Personal Awards

Peeper 'March Best K Pop Artist' Selected BTS as best group, Jimin won three consecutive personal awards.

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10 Years of Friendship .. Hyo Yeon X Yoon-ah X Yunho, Selfie released

Girls' Generation Member Hyo-yeon has unveiled selfie taken with Yoon-ah and TVXQ Yoonho, who have been friends for more than 10 years.

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