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What situation made IU have to live away from her parents?

By Newsen's Entertainment Section | December 10, 2011 03:26 AM EST

Singer IU revealed her family history through a show program.

On the show Win WIn,which was recorded recently will be broadcasted on Decemeber 13th, IU talked about and revealed her family.

At the age of 19, the mature, IU revealed that she was not able to with her parents when she was younger but had to live with her grandmother instead.


Netizens who saw the preview about the revealing of IU’s family history commented “I always wanted to know about IU’s family history” “She grew up very well despite the fact that she grew up without her parents” “Now that I see IU’s family history I can see why she is so mature” “It is hard to believe that the always smiling IU has had family problems” “ I want to hear IU’s story” “I will watch the show as soon as it broadcasts”


Through this episode of “Win Win”, all of the behind stories of IU auditioning over 20 times in a year to how she got be the idol of all tje uncle fans will be revealed.

Also, while telling IU’s family history IU will reveal “IU’s teaching method”, which has lead her  to the place that she is now. IU’s teaching method refers to the unique teaching method of her parents that whenever she did something bad she would not get punished but be made to read. The episode will air on December 13 at 11:15pm. 


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