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ER Staff Talks About Soyeon's Neck Cover "She Claimed Neck Pain..."

August 16, 2012 04:04 AM EDT

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T-ARA Soyeon got a treatment at emergency room on Wednesday after the accident on Kyungbu Highway. There has been an objection to the neck protection that Soyeon wore. Sanglim 119 ER staff explained that "Soyeon was claiming the neck and chest pain, so we covered her neck with the protector."

"We saw the photo and it is right that we did it for her. There is no way of knowing exact symptoms at the accident scene. So we had to protect her neck just in case." After the accident, one internet user who claims to be working at the hospital said "It is impossible for her to even change posture if she is wearing the neck cover," and other internet user claimed objection to the photo respondingly.

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