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BIG STAR FeelDog And Sunghak Transform Into The Angel And The Devil

August 18, 2012 07:48 AM EDT

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feeldog sunghak / Credit: big star me2day

BIG STAR FeelDog and Sunghak recently revealed a self-taken photo to blow away the summer heat!

On Friday, they revealed through their me2day "While on our way to a schedule in Busan, we stopped at the Dukpyung rest stop to have some summer fun with an angel and a devil. Please watch our BIG STAR 'Music Bank' live today. Fighting to today" and revealed the cute photo above.

In the photo, the two are seen sitting down on the 'angel and devil' benches which are a popular stop for visitors to the area. The two are seen posing as their respective character as FeelDog is seen glaring as the devil while Sunghak is seen smiling brighty as the angel.

Internet users who saw their picture commented, "Their facial expressions really make them look like an angel and devil," "They look so playful," "Sunghak really looks like an angel while smiling", "I also sat on those chairs..." and "FeelDog's face shows both an angel and devil."

Photo Credit: BIG STAR me2day

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