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IU Fencing and Dancing With a Pro-Gamer?

August 18, 2012 08:34 AM EDT

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IU Photoshopped In to Funny Situation

Photo-shopped photos of IU is creating much laughter among fans.

An on online community several photos were uploaded online recently with the title "The complete version of IU photo-shopped photo." The photo is photo-shopped with IU falling on the stage of MBC's "2012 DMZ Peace Concert" last Tuesday.

In the photo, IU is seen fencing and dancing next to pro-gamer Hong Jinho. She was also walking on the rope with a fan on her hand.

Internet users commented on the photo stating, "It looks real," "I'll be expecting next version," and "Whoever made this did a really good job."

Photo Credit: Online Community

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