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Miss A Fei, JYP Family Gathered And Took A Picture 'Who Was There?'

August 19, 2012 10:59 PM EDT

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miss A member Fei showed a picture of JYP family all together.

Fei wrote on her Twitter on Monday, local time, "JYP Nation in Japan ended well. Everyone who worked for this nation worked very hard. Thank you to the fans that came," and uploaded a picture. 

In the picture, all of the JYP Entertainment singers who participated in JYP Nation were in the picture. Group 2AM, miss A, Wonder Girls, Park Jin Young and others were seen in the picture.

JYP's head, Park Jin Young wrote on his Twitter, "Truly thankful to 35,000 Japanese fans who came to the JYP nation concert."

Photo Credit: Fei's Twitter

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