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Psy Receives Proposal for "Gangnam Style" Album Release in U.S.

By Staff Writer | August 22, 2012 08:14 AM EDT

Psy Receives Proposal for "Gangnam Style" Album Release in U.S.
Psy Receives Proposal for "Gangnam Style" Album Release in U.S. (Photo : d)

Psy has received a proposal from Justin Bieber's agency to release an album in the U.S.

An official stated, "Psy has received a request to release an album with 'Gangnam Style' from Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. 

The official continued, "Although 'Gangnam Style' is already known world wide and on iTunes, Braun believes that releasing a U.S. album version of it will be popular as well. He believes that due to Psy's character, they should be able to make another version of the music video in the states."

In the beginning of this month, Braun had written on his twitter, "How did I not sign this guy!" showing his interest in Psy.

Braun had contacted YG Entertainment asking for permission to remake this song. After receiving the request, Psy flew out to L.A. on August 15 to meet with them.

It seems that Psy did not go there just to attend meetings.

Psy was seen on August 20 at the L.A. Dodgers baseball game. They played his song while the audience began to dance the 'horse-riding' move. 

YG Entertainment commented, "We cannot reveal the specifics of the album release yet."

"Gangnam Style" has reached over 45 million hits on Youtube in just one month.

This song has also ranked number 1 on the iTunes MV chart, beating Justin Bieber.

He has also been featured on CNN, WSJ and other foreign tv programs. Celebrities have mentioned him on twitter as well.

An official stated, "Psy's english seems to be very good. If everything goes well, Psy could become a true world star."

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