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Tablo Reveals Epik HIgh's Recording Studio "A Place Where Time Doesn't Exist"

August 26, 2012 06:33 AM EDT

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Tablo revealed the recording studio of Epik High. 

Tablo wrote on his Twitter on Sunday, "There is a clock in here, but it's a place where time doesn't exist," and revealed a picture.

In the picture that was revealed, the room appears dark with some lighting that makes it looks as if 'time really did stop.' In the picture, someone appears to be Tablo is seen working hard to make music.

Interner users who saw the picture stated, "I can't believe their comeback is in September, come back soon!", "They are working hard to prepare," "This is why I'm anticipating more," "I want to hear Tablo's music fast," and "When is Tablo coming back! I'm really anticipating Epik High's music."

Photo Credit: Tablo Twitter

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