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A Pink vs. Michal Pudelka: Coincidence In Concept?

By Nikole S. | November 06, 2014 07:00 AM EST

A Pink has been exciting fans after it was recently revealed that the six-member girl-group would be having their comeback. However, it has come to the attention of netizens that their new concept may be mimicking the style of famous fashion photographer, Michal Pudelka.

In A Pink's teaser photo, the girls are seen sporting knee skirts and frilled tops all the while holding cupcakes. In the Michal Pudelka photo shoot; however, the four models are also seen wearing frilled tops and nearly the same skirt. The models, though not holding cupcakes, are holding popsicles instead further adding to plagiarism accusations.

Another aspect of the teaser photo pointed out by netizens was the similar scenery. As seen in both photos, the groups of girls are pictured in an outdoor nature type environment. Even small details such as the same ribbons were not left unnoticed by the sharp-eyed netizens.

Though the photo has been picked apart in detail by netizens in relevance to Michal Pudelka's concept, some may wonder, is it really plagiarized? Yes, there are striking similarities and of course it is possible, but what about when you look at A Pink's photo on its own?

A Pink has been known to have refreshing spring themed concepts ever since their debut with "Mollayo" back in 2011. The current style of their teaser fits with A Pink's consistent fashion throughout the years.

This would not be the first scandal that A Pink was swept up into this year as netizens voice their opinion about their choice of fanclub color. The ladies of A Pink, as well as A CUBE, were under fire from Girls Generations fanclub, SONE, for revealing a light stick that bears a more than similar shade of pink to SONE.

What is your opinion? Is it plagiarized from Pudelka or just a coincidence?

UPDATE: A Cube Entertainment released a statement regarding the teaser images on November 6.

"We did not use the photos as references or worked with that same concept in mind," a representative from the company said. "I think as we were trying to pursue a concept that Apink wanted, we coincidentally ended up with similar themes. The company will further discuss this issue and will release another statement soon."

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