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Girl Group Center Stage Beauty Line, Girls' Generation (SNSD) Yoona Vs. miss A Suzy

September 04, 2012 10:07 AM EDT

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Girls' Generation Yoona and miss A Suzy has tied at first place for the 'girl group center stage beauty line'.

On a recent show on Mnet, there was a ranking of best girl group center stage beauties. The runner ups were Girls' Generation Yoona, miss A Suzy, SISTAR Bora, After School Uee and Wonder Girls Sohee. 

A plastic surgeon took a look at those 5 members and ranked them from 1-5. He commented, "Yoona is not a idol group member. She is a goddess. She looks like a character from a fantasy comic book. She also has the perfect face proportions."

They also commented on other members saying that Sohee had good proportions regardless of her small eyes and that Uee had the 'baby face' that men adore.

They commented that Bora had a sexy charisma to her face and Suzy had cute eyes when she smiles.

Yoona and Suzy tied for first place with this ranking.

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