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'Bridal Mask' Stuntman for Joo Won, As Good-Looking As Celebrities

September 04, 2012 09:30 PM EDT

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The stuntman for Joo Won in drama "Bridal Mask," Lee Tae Young, is attracting much attention for his handsome looks.

Yesterday, Lee Tae Young posted on his twitter, "Of all the actors that I've met, Joo Won is the best actor. We were playing same yet different roles, but I think I matched even more with him because we are the same age. I'm always so thankful for you and proud of you. Good job, my friend!" along with pictures taken with Joo Won.

In the revealed pictures, Joo Won and Lee Tae Young are wearing the same bridal masks, seen posing at the camera, revealing their tight friendship.

Lee Tae Young has been playing the intense action scenes for Joo Won in the drama "Bridal Mask."

At Lee Tae Young's post, Joo Won commented, "You're the best," once again proving their friendship.

Internet users who saw this commented, "He's too good-looking to be a stuntman," and "He's so good-looking."

Photo Credit: Lee Tae Young Twitter

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