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A Ghost Behind Suzy? "Suzy's Beauty Beats the Ghost"

September 08, 2012 04:23 AM EDT

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suzy ghost / Credit: online

Recently on an online community forum, a photo of a ghost caught on camera behind miss A's Suzy was posted, arousing curiosity.

In the revealed picture, Suzy and 2PM members left for Everland's horror maze for filming. But a ghost was caught behind Suzy on camera.

Internet users who saw this commented, saying "There's a ghost in Suzy's filming video." Many said the ghost was probably a computer effect, but many are suspecting it to be real.

Many commented, saying "Maybe it's one of the extras," "It's probably one of the people dressed up for the horror maze," "I got so scared," and "Suzy's beauty beats the ghost."

Photo Credit: Online Community

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