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'To the Beautiful You' Minho Tenses At Sulli's First Love Kim Woo Bin

September 10, 2012 05:36 PM EDT

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'To the Beautiful You' Minho Tenses At Sulli's First Love

SHINee's Minho and f(x) Sulli's first love will face off in an attempt to show the other up.

On the upcoming Wednesday episode of SBS' "To the Beautiful You," Kim Woo Bin, who previously appeared in "A Gentleman's Dignity," will play Sulli's first love and compete with Minho. 

With Sulli in the middle, Minho declares that he and Woo Bin are now rivals and the two of them have a 1-on-1 basketball match. When Minho shows his feelings for Sulli in front of Woo Bin, the two of them decide that they will face off on a basketball match.

Even before the match begins, the two of them have sparks of tension between them just holding the ball.

Minho showed all of his will to never let Sulli get out of his grasp and Kim Woo Bin showed off his comfort and ease as the first love oppa. The viewers are curious as to who will actually be the winner in this first rival match between the two loves in Sulli's life. 

On this day's shoot, Minho and Kim Woo Bin continuously talked about how they would carry out this match and exchanged opinions about how they should move. The two of them worked well together to pull off some complicated movement. 

The production company said, "Though he came in the middle of the series, Kim Woo Bin blended perfectly with the 'To The Beautiful You' team. Every scene, all of them worked hard and the other cast members made sure that he felt at home."

The basketball match will air on the Thursday episode.

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