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Reason B.A.P Yong Guk Cannot Smile During Performance

September 11, 2012 04:45 PM EDT

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Reason B.A.P Yong Guk Cannot Smile During Performance / Credit: KBS

 B.A.P's "Crash" performance secret was revealed about Yong Guk's expressions as it has been gaining much attention.

On September 8, a post was uploaded on B.A.P official fan page with the title 'Why Yong Guk has no expression during the 'Crash' performance.' The post was the analysis of how youngest member Zelo puts weights on Yong Guk with gravitational force as he jumps in to him.

The fan who revealed is currently a senior in high school explained how he used Newton's Law to analyze the equation that Zelo weights 116 kg instead of 63kg because of his 183cm of height combined with the gravitational force. The fan added on saying that it should be understandable why Yong Guk can not smile during the performance.

Fans responded saying "Popeye Yong Guk," "B.A.P makes the students think," "The pain that Yongguk couldn't tell anyone," and "How come I don't get it even though I learned about it."

B.A.P is gaining a lot of popularity showing the cute image with the song "Crash."

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