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SISTAR Dasom-Hyorin On a Outing... Gets Skirt Bitten By a Dog

September 12, 2012 05:08 AM EDT

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hyorin and dasom outing / Credit: sports seoul

The members of girl group SISTAR, Hyorin and Dasom, went on an outing together yesterday in Seoul.

On this day, Hyorin wore a tight black sleeveless shirt with shorts, and with black ankle boots to match her outfit. Her tanned skin matched the bold outfit of hers. Dasom wore a yellow dress that revealed a little bit of her back and wore black heels.

The two roamed through the streets, not minding the eyes of the public. But while playing with a dog they ran into on the street, Dasom's dress got bitten by the dog, making Hyorin burst into laughter. Despite the humiliation, the two still seemed to be having a good time, and they also went out to get a drink at a cafe, until they were picked up by their manager.

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