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'To the Beautiful You' Minho-Lee Hyun Woo, 'Sexy Guy Transformation'

September 12, 2012 04:32 PM EDT

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"To the Beautiful You" Minho-Lee Hyun Woo, 'Sexy Guy Transformation' / Credit: SM C&C

SHINee Minho and actor Lee Hyun Woo from the SBS drama "To the Beautiful You" have transformed into a 'dark guy' image.

On today's episode, the two actors were models and had to pose for a photographer. The two wore smokey eye makeup and brought about a sexy image to them.

Minho also showed off his sexy six packs during the photo shoot. Lee Hyun Woo's thick eyeliner showed off a different image from his usual cute look.

This scene took no more than 2 hours to film as both were experienced with modeling.

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