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BoA and ZE:A Si Wan 'Best Visuals' Picture Revealed

September 13, 2012 04:48 PM EDT

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    BoA and ZE:A Si Wan 'Best Visuals' Picture Revealed / Credit: Twitter

    BoA and ZE:A member Si Wan's photo is gaining attention online.

    On Monday, Si Wan wrote on his twitter, "BoA you did a great job. Here is a picture taken with senior artist, BoA. I showed off our picture to our group. Have a good lunch," along with a photo.

    In the picture, BoA and Si Wan are posing for the camera in the middle of the hallway.

    This picture showed off a closeness of a senior and junior artist. BoA's natural beauty and Si Wan's good looks made the photo one worth taking.

    Internet users commented, "They both look so good" and "Si Wan looks a bit nervous next to BoA."

    Photo Credit: Si Wan's Twitter

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