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'My Daughter Seo Young' CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Jealous of Lee Jong Hyun

September 13, 2012 08:29 PM EDT

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'My Daughter Seo Young' CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Jealous of Lee Jong Hyun / Credit: KpopStarz

Lee Jung Shin said that out of all the roles that other CNBLUE members had, he picked Colin from "A Gentleman's Dignity" to have been the one he would have loved to do.

At the press conference for KBS "My Daughter Seo Young," Lee Jung Shin expressed gratitude to the other members who helped him with his acting. He plays Kang Sung Jae, who has terrible grades in school and is a giant troublemaker. He develops a crush on his tutor Seo Young (Lee Bo Young) and takes an interest in studying, attempting to escape his incredibly low grades.

To the press, he said, "This made me more nervous than any other performance that I had done. All the members always give me advice and they mostly said you learn the most from actual experience rather than simple advice. They repeatedly told me that it was more important to actually be out on set and see it for myself." Lee Jung Shin is the last member of the band to attempt acting.

He continued, "Jung Yong Hwa was the one that was most helpful since he helped me with a lot of scripts and he was also the one that put the most pressure on me, like a real leader. Kang Min Hyuk's drama is a lot like mine, so he helped me in that aspect."

Lee Jung Shin then picked Lee Jong Hyun's role in "A Gentleman's Dignity" as the one he would want the most. He says, "I think it's because I watched it really closely. I peeked at the script when Lee Jong Hyun was planning on auditioning and he was going to work with Jang Dong Gun. I was really jealous but I'm really in love with Sung Jae as well."

"My Daughter Seo Young" is about a daughter who hates her father and how her father tries to remedy their relationship.

The series debuts on September 15.

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