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5Dolls Chanmi Removed from Group? Name Removed from Official Website Gains Attention

By Staff Writer | September 14, 2012 03:03 PM EDT

5Dolls Chanmi Removed from Group? Name Removed from Official Website Gains Attention
5Dolls Chanmi Removed from Group? Name Removed from Official Website Gains Attention (Photo : d)

Girl group 5dolls member Chanmi's termination rumors have been gaining attention.

Recently on the 5dolls label GM Contents Media website, Chanmi seems to be missing from the 5dolls profile. 5dolls is also the group of Hwayoung's older sister, Hyoyoung

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On many other famous portal sites, Chanmi's profile does not list her agency as well. This has caused much attention online. Chanmi had originally been a part of the group Co-Ed School and was moved to 5dolls in 2011.

5dolls has already replaced a member once before. This past February, leader Soomi asked to leave the group as she wanted to go solo. Her spot was replaced by current member Nayeon. Fans are saying that if Chanmi really has been removed, they feel that the British contestant from SBS "Star King" named Shannon would be a good replacement.

An official from 5dolls commented, "Chanmi is not able to come to all of 5dolls' activities due to her school work at Dongduk Women's University. Although she might not be able to perform with 5dolls, her contract with the agency is still valid."

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