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'To the Beautiful You' Sulli & Minho Enjoy a Sweet Date

September 14, 2012 08:33 PM EDT

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'To the Beautiful You' Sulli & Minho Enjoy a Sweet Date / Credit: SBS

Jae Hee and Tae Joon were spotted having a good time together around the town.

On the Thursday episode of SBS "To the Beautiful You," Tae Joon (SHINee's Minho) and Jae Hee (f(x)'s Sulli) were seen enjoying a date out around the town. 

Tae Joon takes Jae Hee's wrist and drags her here and there, away to a less crowded and pretty suburbia.

They sit at the back of the bus, share a boiled egg and make small talk. The two of them arrive at a less populated area of Seoul, take pictures together and walk through pretty forests. Tae Joon took secret pictures of Jae Hee walking ahead and smiled to himself.

Shortly, the two of them sit down on the grass field. Tae Joon says, "You know what you asked me before? Why I'm not going to Canada? It's not because of Hanna. There's another reason but I can't tell you." and smiles to himself. Jae Hee doesn't realize that it's because of her and is full of curiosity. Tae Joon continues, "I'm not going anywhere, but you can't go anywhere either." At this point, Jae Hee smiles as well. 

Jae Hee says, "What do you mean I'm going somewhere?" and playfully scolds him. He says, "Wherever." She quietly nods and it shows that the two of them are even closer. 

This sweet, pink-lit air put the couple in a good spotlight, showing their relationship growing by the minute. As they head home, Tae Joon falls asleep and leans his head on her shoulder, adding to the sweetness.

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