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'The 3rd Hospital' Stills of Doctors Facing Off and Teary Kim Min Jung

September 14, 2012 11:00 PM EDT

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tvN's "The 3rd Hospital" stills of eastern and western medicine doctors in a conflict were revealed.

The Thursday episode of "The 3rd Hospital, revealed a physical conflict scenes between two groups, a rare sight for a medical drama.

In the still, the western doctors wearing white and the eastern doctors wearing blue are entangled in a fight and the patients around them seem stunned. In the second still, Kim Min Jung seems teary and upset, on the verge of tears and Choi Yoon So also seems incredibly tense and nervous. 

A production insider said, "In the fourth episode, the conflict between eastern/western medicines will reach a peak. Neither side are willing to give into the other, as is it a matter of pride, which leads to this extreme instance."

"The 3rd Hospital," which is about two genius doctors on two different medicine fields fighting for work and love airs every Wednesday and Thursday.

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