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YG Resorts to Silence on Big Bang Seungri's Japan Magazine Scandal, 'No Action'

By Staff Writer | September 15, 2012 12:01 AM EDT

YG Resorts to Silence on Big Bang Seungri's Japan Magazine Scandal, 'No Action'
YG Resorts to Silence on Big Bang Seungri's Japan Magazine Scandal, 'No Action' (Photo : d)

A Japanese magazine had published a scandal between Big Bang member Seungri and a woman but YG Entertainment has taken no action against it.

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Japan gossip magazine Friday, released an article on Thursday with a picture of Seungri a woman who had slept with Seungri had turned in.

Both Korea and Japan fans are in a state of shock as to whether or not this is true.

The article made it look like the woman was the victim and talked negatively about Seungri.

However, YG Entertainment still has not made any statement about this scandal.

If the scandal is not true, it is only right for them to come out and say that it is not true.

If the scandal is true, it is better for them to quickly admit and get over the issue fast. 

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