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'Haeundae Lovers' Where Is T-ARA Soyeon?

September 15, 2012 01:40 AM EDT

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T-ara's Doll Like on 7th Mini Album Song "Sexy Love" Music Video Captures / Credit: Core Contents Media

T-ARA's Soyeon is nowhere to be seen on KBS "Haeundae Lovers."

Recently, it has become clear that Soyeon's part has been decreased significantly. 

An insider said, "Soyeon's part has been decreased. We have scripts until the 12th episode but Soyeon's portion has not been confirmed yet. We have 4 episodes until the finale, but we're not sure if Soyeon will appear again or not."

In August, Soyeon played the part of a girl who was the only one to know about the fake marriage between Go So Ra (Jo Yeo Jeong) and Kang Min Goo (Kim Tae Hyun). She also was able to portray the part of a spoiled girl from a big fishing corporation and pulled off a very impressive accent. 

However, as she began to receive negative press due to the T-ARA's controversy, her airtime on the drama decreased exponentially. Writer Hwang Eun Kyung said, "The T-ARA controversy was really talked about and as it gets more negative attention, her role will get smaller. However, she's young and I think this much attention and negativity might be really hard on her."

At the same time, T-ARA came back with their new song, "Sexy Love," which is making it even harder for Soyeon to appear on the drama. Most of the drama production takes place in Busan and T-ARA must do their song promotion at the stations in Seoul. A lot people are saying that this is basically the same as a departure from the drama.

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