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Album Review: A Pink Bring Back The Innocent Romance Of The ‘80s On ‘Pink Luv' [AUDIO]

By Adrienne Stanley | November 25, 2014 07:29 AM EST

On November 23, A Pink released their fifth mini album “Pink Luv.” The album showcases the individuality of the vocals within the six member group.

Park Cho Rong often receives attention as the leader of the group, while Jung Eun Ji has captured hearts for her roles in “Reply 1997” and “Trot Lovers.” However, “Pink Luv” gives the entire group a place in the spotlight with So Na Eun, Yoon Bo Mi, Kim Na Joo, and Oh Ha Young receiving equal spotlight to Cho Rong and Eun Ji on the album.

The holiday season in Korea, particularly Christmastime, marks the start of sweet love songs. “Pink Luv” provides the soundtrack for romantic dates in Seoul, marked with cutesy Christmas cake. “Pink Luv” contains five original tracks and an instrumental version of “LUV.”

“Pink Luv” opens with the title track which benefits from an eighties hip-hop break beat that is reminiscent of acts like Seo Taiji and Boys or Kid N Play. This beat does not permeate throughout the song and is merely sampled at key points. The brilliance of the production of “LUV” is that it is a very old-school pop song that is infused with very modern vocals.

The album continues on the same path with “Wanna Be.” The heart of “Wanna Be” is the eighties and early nineties sound of American pop music which was not yet influenced by strong bass drops and the elements of modern electronic dance hits. The six individual voices of A Pink standout on “Wanna Be,” demonstrating the capability of the group.

“Wanna Be” transitions to “Secret.” “Secret” is the strongest ballad on “Pink Luv” it is not musically overwhelming. The music on “Pink Luv” serves the appropriate purpose of highlighting A Pink’s vocals.

One of the most whimsical tracks on the album is “Not An Angel” whose chorus plays like a video game theme. “Not An Angel” is the most playful song on “Pink Luv” which can appeal to all audiences.

The strength of A Pink is that the group is comprised of delicate vocals which is backed by sweet sentimentality of their music. “Love Like A Fairytale” is a song that isn’t a power ballad or quick tempo dance track but a gentle, midtempo pop song. It is the sincere emotionality of “Love Like A Fairytale” when combined with the other tracks on the album that speaks to reasons why A Pink has a strong fan base.

Listen to the new A Pink album “LUV” HERE.

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