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T-ARA's First Live Appearance after the Controversy that Shook the Nation

September 16, 2012 04:55 PM EDT

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For the first time after their comeback, T-ARA appeared in the studio for a live music performance.

On Friday, T-ARA appeared on the KBS "Music Bank", hosted by Lee Jang Woo and After School's Uee. T-ARA performed their brand new song "Sexy Love."

All the members of T-ARA were wearing pink jackets and pants with a white dress shirt underneath.

"Sexy Love" is an addictive song that makes you fall in love more and more as you listen to it. Especially when the second half of the song changes from the first half, it creates a feeling of listening to two different songs. For added effects, T-ARA's choreography contains the shuffle dance that is connected to the robot dance which is expected to be another hit.

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