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G-Dragon Disguises Himself As A Girl 'Shocking'....S Line That Will Make Lee Hyori Cry

September 17, 2012 12:10 PM EDT

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Big Bang's G-Dragon, who made a solo comeback after 3 years, shockingly dressed up as a girl. 

In the newly released music video for "Crayon," that was released on Sunday, G-Dragon showed off his perfect s-line and transformed into a girl. 

In the music video, G-Dragon seemed to be blown away by the beautiful body line of a woman on TV. The woman in the TV turned around, and it was G-Dragon. 

G-Dragon transformed into a girl that was wearing a tight dress, with long brown hair. Although he dressed up as a girl, his dynamic expressions and gestures grabbed attention, during this performance. 

Internet users have commented, "He has a better body than a girl," and "He dressed up as a girl, while shaking his hair, and showing bold body movements, it was bold."

G-Dragon placed #1 in the Korean music charts, as his songs were released on the 15th. G-Dragon is to have his comeback stage on SBS "Inkigayo," on Sunday. The offline album is to be sold on Tuesday.

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