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Criticism of Ali's Comfort Song 'Nayoung-ee', "Listening to it is painful" Anger (Up)

By Joon-ki Yu | December 14, 2011 10:13 AM EST

Netizens are criticizing Ali's "Nayoung-ee".

On December 13, Ali released her first full-length album 'SOUL-RI: Village With Soul' which contains the song "Nayoung-ee". This song is causing much debate due to its lyrics, which rekindle the true account of the child Nayoung, a victim of sexual abuse.

The problem is caused the the song's straightforward title and lyrics such as, 'just living and breathing alone is hard. The gray drops that flow between the eyes of a young child'.

Ali's recording company had previously stated, "Ali composed the music and lyrics to this song herself, and it contains content based on the 'Nayoung' child sex abuse incident which occurred last 2008 in Kyung-gi-do Ansan.

Netizens who came across this song raise their voices saying, "How can you comfort Nayoung with a song like this? Whenever I hear it or hear someone humming it, you pain us by making us remember the incident", "I get the motive, the I don't think the results will be good at all", "I think Nayoung will be pained again by this debate."

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