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Kang Jiyoung Takes A Picture Laying Down, To Celebrate The 2,000th Day...'Risky'

September 18, 2012 02:24 AM EDT

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Group KARA's member, Kang Jiyoung took a cute and feminine picture of herself, to celebrate the 2,000th day since Kara's debut. 

Kang Jiyoung wrote on her Twitter on Monday, "They say it's the 2,000th day since our debut. Time goes by fast. I don't even realize time going by these days. You know that I gain strength from the support, right? Thank you! With the unnies(older sisters), we'll keep fighting!", and uploaded a picture. 

In the picture that was uploaded, Kang Jiyoung was seen wearing a black t-shirt, while laying down and making a peace sign. Her sweet smile and her v-neck has drawn attention. 

Internet users commented, "Congratulations on the 2,000th day. I hope you will be active for a long time" and "Since she's laying down, the clothes are going down. It's risky."

Meanwhile, Kang Jiyoung has been active with the new song "Pandora" and shows her cute charms on KBS 2TV "Invincible Youth 2."

Photo Credit: Kang Jiyoung Twitter

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