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2NE1 Dara's Twitter Hack? 'CL's Funny Prank'

September 19, 2012 11:44 AM EDT

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2NE1 member Dara's twitter was hacked by member CL.

Today on Dara's twitter, several tweets such as "I am a fool", "Oohahohah" and "I love you" were written.

Member Bom and actor Jung Il Woo asked "What are you doing" and "Are you drunk?"

Dara then tweeted, "Ah! CL took my phone while I was getting my make up done. What is this!"

Leader CL had played with Dara's phone, writing funny messages on her twitter.

Internet users commented, "I thought she was really hacked for a second" and "I was worried it was a real hacker."

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