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'The 3rd Hospital' Oh Ji Ho Lends a Healing Hand For Kim Min Jung

September 19, 2012 04:46 PM EDT

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'The Third Hospital' Oh Ji Ho Lends a Healing Hand For Kim Min Jung

"The 3rd Hospital" Oh Ji Ho's healing hand received the spotlight.

Cable channel tvN's "The 3rd Hospital" shows Oh Ji Ho with his unique charm and smile which is a very welcome addition to his character who is a genius in eastern medicine. He also has a kind heart that allows him to put the welfare of his patients before everything. 

In the released photo, he is administering acupuncture for Kim Min Jung, who sprained her ankle on the hospital rooftop. Oh Ji Ho is carefully and generously taking care of her ankle with one knee on the ground and this photo made a lot of women react positively to him and his character's image.

When they first met, she had mistaken him for a perverted man and had so far been on opposite sides of medicine, which is why this picture makes viewers wonder what happened between them that brings them together.

In the fifth episode of "The 3rd Hospital," a new collaborative team of eastern medicine doctors is created and despite people's protests, the hospital owner creates a collaborative team of doctors from both eastern and western medicine, forcing Seung Hyun (Kim Seung Woo) and Doo Hyun (Oh Ji Ho) to work together as a team.

However within six months, the two must prove that a collaboration of the two medicines is effective but still seem to run into many conflicts and misunderstandings. As a result, doctors begin quitting because of the problems. The director of the hospital also make Doo Hyun and Seung Hyun's father the leaders of the new collaborative center, which is another twist that may add layers to the drama.

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