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'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min Ho Compete On Mobile Apps

September 20, 2012 03:18 AM EDT

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Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho were spotted competing with mobile games on set. 

On the set of the SBS drama "Great Doctor," Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun were spotted on set playing video games. 

In the drama, Choi Young is currently trying to keep his promise of allowing Eun Soo to return to where she came from safely and is in the process of fighting against Ki Chul (Yoo Oh Sung) and risking his life.

However, when the cameras stop rolling, the two of them change 180 degrees and the two of them compete over online games.

The pictures show them focused on their cellphone and playing around with each other, sitting next to each other on their chairs. Viewers are happy seeing them sitting next to each other and playfully bantering, pretending to steal the other's telephone and such. 

"Great Doctor," with its all-star cast, airs every Monday and Tuesday.

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