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Psy Ranked Number 1 for Most Wanted College Festival Guest!

By Staff Writer | September 21, 2012 03:09 AM EDT

Psy Ranked Number 1 for Most Wanted College Festival Guest!
Psy Ranked Number 1 for Most Wanted College Festival Guest! (Photo : d)

College students voted Psy as the most wanted guest for college festivals.

An event coordinator commented that Psy was the most wanted guest for college festivals. 

According to the poll, Psy placed first with 58.2% of the votes, Girls' Generation at 17.6%, and IU at 7.5%.

The reason Psy is so wanted is his passionate and crazy performances on stage. They also believed that having Psy would make it a memory that they would never forget.

Comedian Kim Jun Hyun won for most wanted comedian at a college festival.

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