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'K-POP STAR 2' New Contestants Already Competing At a High Level

September 22, 2012 02:27 AM EDT

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"K-POP STAR" Season 2 is reaching the final stretch for its international auditions. 

The singing contest's international auditions began on the 8th with New York and continued through the 15th, ending in LA and Sydney, Australia. In the international auditions, the contestants fought hard for the ticket to Korea.

New York was the one with the highest number of contestants. New York has previously found many strong contestants, whereas LA is also the homeground of Season 1's Top 6 Park Jae Hyung and many others. 

In the Sydney auditions, there were many surprising contestants who were all competing at a very high level. There were people who were competing gymnasts at the national level. There was a much higher number of singers who were able to play the guitar, keyboards and other instruments than there were in Season 1.

There were contestants who were already said to have the star power that is necessary. One contestant already has views of over 15 million and many subscribers and was taking pictures with other contestants and signing their autograph. Despite the fact that this contestant is already quite famous, they wanted to make sure that they could go to Korea and pass this round. 

The auditions included one who was approached by Justin Bieber's producer and another who was the son of a very famous singer. 

The production company said, "There were so many more diverse contestants this time around. Even those who aren't Korean participated and it was clear how much they really liked K-POP. The whole audition process was very exciting and it looks like we will take more to Korea than we originally planned for."

The international auditions will make their final stop in Vancouver, Canada and London, England on Saturday.

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