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HomeSNS Published September 22, 2012 02:46 AM EDT

Psy Spreads Good Influence Over Koreans Living In America?

A post with the title 'Psy's Good Impact' is gaining attention of the internet users.

In the uploaded post, a Korean who's living in Texas, Houston is sharing his happiness from 'Psy Effect.' The writer said "I am so happy and enjoying my life because of Psy. Everyone who used to hate Asians now wants to be my friend and they want to talk to me."

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He added on saying "My mother, aunt, and uncle runs a Korean restaurant and a dry cleaning place, but recently, we've been having more customers. People visit more because of Psy.

The comments also mentions about the good effects that Psy gave. Internet users responded saying "Its just like Bae Yong Jun's role in Japan as indirect Korean ambassador" and "The power of culture is great."

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