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Review: Masta Wu Is Back In The Spotlight With Bobby & Dok2 For 'Come Here'

By Adrienne Stanley | December 01, 2014 01:29 PM EST

YG Entertainment has released “Come Here,” the single from their special hip-hop project featuring Masta Wu, Bobby, and Dok2.

While G-Dragon and Taeyang’s “Good Boy” was an EDM-influenced track, “Come Here” explores the grimy hood sounds of hip-hop. Masta Wu debuted as a solo rapper in 2003 and performed as part of the defunct duo YMGA. In recent years he has functioned as a producer at YG Entertainment. On "Come Here" he takes viewers to the streets with his tremendous rap flow. In addition to production, Masta Wu was responsible for writing and composing hits such as HiSuhyun's "I'm Different."

Aiding to the authenticity of the sound is illionaire record’s Dok2, who does not fail to deliver his rhymes with unparalleled speed.

Bobby continues to rap within his comfort zone as one of K-Pop’s most promising up and coming artists. Bobby has established his name as a leading rapper prior to the debut of iKON through his win on “Show Me The Money 3” and his recent collaborations. He has demonstrated his potential through his appearance on the Epik High hit “Happen Ending” and was also recently featured on the Lee Hi/Lee Soohyun collaboration “I’m Different.” Unlike many of his contemporaries, Bobby is not hesitant to include profanity in his rhymes, which has aided in the transition of K-Hip Hop from its pop influences to the gritty sound of American hip-hop.

“Come Here” features iconic aspects of American hip-hop imagery including bikini-clad babes, hot cars, and tricked out bikes. Masta Wu, Bobby, and Dok2 spoke to international music outlet Dazed and Confused about the “Come Here” in an interview that was released simultaneous to the single.

YG Entertainment strikes another hit with both the video and the song, with imagery which holds its authenticity while avoiding heavy cliche. As the agency revisits its hip-hop roots, YG Entertainment will undoubtedly win over new fans who may have stayed away from joining the K-Pop bandwagon.

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