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Son Yeon Jae DoesThe Horse Riding Dance 'Soft Light Yeon Jae Style' Causing Admiration

By Staff Writer | September 23, 2012 04:03 AM EDT

Son Yeon Jae DoesThe Horse Riding Dance 'Soft Light Yeon Jae Style' Causing Admiration
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Olympian Son Yeon Jae was seen doing the horse riding dance. 

As promised, Son Yeon Jae appeared on the third part of MBC "Infinite Challenge," that was broadcasted on Saturday. Son Yeon Jae was dressed as an athlete and was preparing to do rhythmic gymnastics. In order to practice for her performance, the members of the show helped her. 

On this episode, Son Yeon Jae and the members played limbo to obtain side dishes. Son Yeon Jae and the members all did different dances after they passed through the limbo. They danced to Psy's "Gangnam Style."

As the members danced to the song, Son Yeon Jae also joined them. Son Yeon Jae danced softly, leaving the members in admiration of her.

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