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T-ARA In Hong Kong, Thousands of Fans Sing Together

September 23, 2012 04:19 AM EDT

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The video of T-ARA's Hong Kong showcase was released.

T-ARA held their first showcase in Hong Kong on September 18th at the Star Hall in Wanchai. This was in response to many requests from fans in Hong Kong and media, and they set a record for the highest guarantee ever, which was 700,000,000 won. 

The showcase sold out all of its 3,000 within minutes of going on sale and many of the fans who didn't get tickets stayed outside the venue and continued to sing along to the songs and dance. 

The showcase was filmed by someone and put on Gom TV and the video shows T-ARA performing "Roly-Poly," "Why," "SEXY LOVE," and "LOVEY-DOVEY."

With T-ARA's unique stage presence and their unique music style, the 3,000 fans went wild. The Hong Kong fans were able to sing along to their hit songs unanimously and with very surprising precision, which was a sign of their popularity there.

Even after the showcase ended, they continued to ask for encores and it was clear that T-ARA members were also enjoying themselves as the fans went crazy for their favorite girl band.

After the showcase, they completed many interviews with Hong Kong TV channels and came back to Korea on the 19th. They are planning on another showcase in Malaysia on October 3rd.

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