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Seo In Guk's Image 4 Years Ago Compared To His Present Image

September 23, 2012 04:51 AM EDT

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Seo In Gook's image from 4 years ago was revealed. / Credit: .

Seo In Guk's image from 4 years ago was revealed. 

Recently, pictures of Seo In Guk in the past was revealed with the title 'Seo In Gook, 4 years ago.'

The pictures that were revealed showed Seo In Guk during the audition of the 2009 Mnet "Superstar K."

There were also pictures of Seo In Guk, who received a great deal of love, on the recent tvN drama "Respond 1997."

Seo In Guk seemed to look different from his debut days, and seems to look better after the diet. He now shows off his sharp jaw line.

Internet users who saw the pictures commented, "He seems to be getting cooler" and "Seo In Guk is good at acting now too."

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