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IU's School Days, Chubby Cheeks Were Her Charms 'Cute' Child

September 24, 2012 02:19 AM EDT

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Pictures of IU during her school days were revealed. / Credit: .

Pictures of IU during her school days were revealed.

Recently, pictures that were titled, 'IU's elementary school graduation picture,' were uploaded online.

IU's young images seemed to attract attention. Her chubby cheeks and her image of a student showed cute charms. 

She has caught the attention of her fans with her unchanged and natural cuteless. 

Internet users who saw the photos commented, "She was chubby during her school days," "She must have been popular with the male students," "She's cute even though she was chubby," and "I don't think IU ages."

IU recently hosted encore concerts in two days in Seoul War Memorial Hall of Peace on Saturday and Sunday. 

Photo Credit: Online Community

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