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Psy Confesses, "I was Happy, but also very Lonely"

By Staff Writer | September 25, 2012 06:11 PM EDT

Psy Confesses, "I was Happy, but also very Lonely"
Psy Confesses, "I was Happy, but also very Lonely" (Photo : d)

After Psy's return home, he confessed that the trip was great but also very lonely and difficult.

During his press conference, he stated that although it was very fun and rewarding, there were some times that he wished he could just go home.

Psy has appeared on the "Ellen Show", "SNL" and other shows as well as festivals and performances. With his song and dance becoming a global sensation, he was receiving love calls nonstop.

When asked about future K-Pop singers who want to go overseas, he commented, "I hope that future K-pop singers would not have any trouble debuting overseas because of me."

Psy also briefly talked about his first U.S. single that will be releasing sometime at the end of November.

"Gangnam Style" ranked number 1 on iTunes for over a week and is at number 11 on the U.S. Billboard Main Single Chart.

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