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IU Looks Cute at 'Gag Concert' Waiting Room

September 27, 2012 12:29 PM EDT

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IU Looks Cute at 'Gag Concert' Waiting Room

IU was spotted at "Gag Concert" waiting room.

Comedian Kim Young Min uploaded a photo on the me2day taken with IU saying 'The female waiting room of 'Sensitivity'."

In the photo, IU is looking at the camera, wearing the Hanbok at KBS' "Gag Concert" waiting room. Next to her, eunuch of 'Sensitivity' Kim Young Min is posing victory.The fact that Kim Young Min is using the female waiting room because he is eunuch casuses laughter.

Internet users have responded saying, "So cute," "IU looks good in Hanbok," and "They are both beautiful."

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