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The Male Idols With Perfect Proportions "The Mask Fits Right On Their Face"

September 29, 2012 04:11 PM EDT

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The male idols' perfect proportions attracted attention. / Credit: .

The male idols' perfect proportions attracted attention. 

On an online community, a picture titled 'Male Idols With Perfect Proportions" was uploaded.

In the picture, a mask depicting the perfect proportions of someone's face was superimposed on pictures of some idol members.

B.A.P.'s Dae Hyun, EXO-K's Soo Ho and Se Hoon's faces were perfect for the mask. Their 'perfect proportions' made the internet users jealous.

People commented, "They are idols with perfect proportions," "They are good looking guys," "How could the mask fit so perfectly?"

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