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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Featured in 'The New Yorker' Magazine

October 01, 2012 04:49 PM EDT

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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Featured in 'The New Yorker' Magazine / Credit: d

Girls' Generation was featured in 'The New Yorker' magazine.

Recently, on an online community board, a post with the title, 'The New Yorker-Factory Girl Corner with Girls' Generation' was posted along with a picture.

The pictures showed Girls' Generation being featured in an article in 'The New Yorker' magazine. The girls all wore shimmery black outfits that showed off their beautiful legs.

The article talked about the factory-like system that K-Pop idol groups had to endure in order to become popular in the music industry. They also talked about the chance for Girls' Generation to make it in the U.S. They explained the differences in culture as it would be hard for them to succeed if they did not sing in English or the fact that there were 9 members. It would be hard for the public to accept all 9 as groups in the U.S. usually never went over 5 members.

Another issue was that in Korea, most of their record promotion is built around TV appearances whereas in the states its all about touring.

[PHOTOS] Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sparkle and Shine in Black Outfits in 'The New Yorker' Magazine [10PHOTOS]

The problem is how to create music that suits both the east and the west. They want to create music that does not lose the Asian sound but still go along with the current music trends of America.

It seems that it is still going to be ongoing battle to find the solution of how to bring the Asian music industry into the U.S. market.

Internet users commented, "Girls' Generation is everywhere" and "Such beautiful girls, they are sure to make it."

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