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G.Na-BTOB-Roh Jihoon and Cube Family Send Chu-Seok Greetings

October 01, 2012 08:37 PM EDT

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cube entertainment hanbok pictures / Credit: cube

Cube Entertainment's G.Na, BTOB, Roh Jihoon, and others gave Chuseok (Thanksgiving) greetings through Hanbok pictures.

Today, Cube Entertainment revealed video clips and pictures through SNS in Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing).

G.Na showed a reserved image through a calm smile. She said, "I hope you spend a warm and good time with family this Thanksgiving. I hope you are filled with happiness and laughs, and I really want to stand as a loved singer in many other countries as well. Please keep supporting me."

No Ji Hoon also showed a calm image through Hanbok. He seemed to have gotten better looking through his break time. He said, "It's been a while. Do I look good in Hanbok? I hope everyone spends this Thanksgiving with family, talking about things that haven't been talked about before."

Photo Credit: Cube

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